Secondary Curriculum

Pinnacle College’s teaching staff are committed to supporting their students in developing their identity and addressing their specific learning needs as well as facilitating a suitable learning environment that is conducive to learning. We recognise our community and look to support them in social, academic and personal endeavours. Our students are equipped with many necessary skills throughout their time at the campus with an aim of being successful participants and engaged in the Australian community and beyond.

Starting Secondary School from Year 7, students are introduced to the expectations of middle and senior schooling, enabling students to refine abilities necessary to their learning. Small class sizes with a staff of diverse backgrounds and beliefs allow for a holistic approach to their education. Through our Pastoral Care program, and classroom activities, students foster positive relationships and create a support network.

Pinnacle College recognises the need for a curriculum that not only challenges students but is shaped around their future needs. Pinnacle’s curriculum program presents a variety of learning experiences across all subject areas, challenging students to become inquisitive, rational and to make informed choices in their ever-changing environment. More specialised teaching occurs compared to the Primary sector and while this steadily increases throughout the years, it is further refined as students begin their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

Through streamed and elective subjects, as well as core subjects necessary for academic success, students utilise the school’s Information Communication Technology (ICTs), our 1-to-1 Laptop Program, and a variety of school clubs offered semesterly.

In our quest for academic excellence, students’ tertiary aims are identified from early on and their progress is tracked with the support of career advisors. It is our aim that students not only achieve success in their lives and careers but also contribute to a more open, tolerant and ethical global community.

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