Primary Curriculum

Learning Foundation to Year 2

Students bring to school a wide range of experiences, abilities, needs and interests. They have a natural curiosity about their world. Their desire to make sense of the world provides a platform to plan and review their learning through interactions with others, experimentation, scaffolding, explicit teaching, practice and play in the classroom and beyond. Students also use online platforms such as Reading Eggs, Mathseeds and Seesaw to consolidate learning done in the classroom environment.

Learning Year 3 to Year 6

The Australian Curriculum across Years 3–6 assists students to develop their ability to take positive action for well-being; relate and communicate well with others; pose questions and solve problems; make informed decisions and act responsibly. It engages students more purposefully with the discipline knowledge, understanding and skills of the eight learning areas of the Australian Curriculum. Students also use online platforms such as Literacy Planet, Mathletics and Seesaw to consolidate learning done in the classroom environment.

All students in the Primary School are encouraged to:

-Develop fully their academic, intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and physical abilities

-Think critically and creatively

-Develop a life-long enthusiasm and respect for learning

-Show respect, courtesy and compassion towards others

-Show initiative and develop qualities of leadership within the school and wider community

-Make morally informed decisions derived from exposure to a variety of ideas and opinions


Special attention is given to the basic skills in Numeracy and Literacy at all levels and in all areas of the curriculum. The ability of the students to communicate with others competently and correctly, in both oral and written language, is of major importance. Classroom programs and organisation enable students to develop independent and collaborative work habits. They learn to work together, sharing ideas and solving problems in a caring, supportive environment.


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