Pastoral Care

The primary purpose of Pastoral Care programs is to promote the full physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of students. It also addresses the cultural diversity, mutual understanding and a sense of belonging that fosters school spirit and promotes the social well being of each student.

Pastoral Care plays an imperative role in facilitating Pinnacle College to be in line with its mission and vision values. We believe that the attainment of moral and spiritual development will allow our students to be socially active participants who give back to society.


Teacher-Student meetings are important to have an effective pastoral care environment and important to track the progress of a student.

Social justice projects (age care centre visits, appeals for the homeless and more)

Camps (reading, studying and activity camps open to all year levels)

Parent programs (family visits, celebrations, seminars, BBQ days, iftar-dinner)

Picnics and outings


Lunch time discussions

After school programs 

Sleepover programs

Overseas and interstate trips

Reading challenges and competitions


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