Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education

Our vision at Pinnacle College is to celebrate diversity and uniqueness in an innovative and inclusive learning environment. We aim to equip students with the confidence and skills to reach their full potential and meet the challenges of tomorrow as global citizens, leaders and innovators. The Inclusive Education department ensures that all students have academic and wellbeing success at Pinnacle College.

As part of Inclusive Education at Pinnacle College, students are provided with educational and wellbeing support and can successfully access and participate in learning, alongside their classmates, supported by reasonable and individualised adjustments and pedagogies. Pinnacle College incorporates inclusion in all aspects of learning, culture and policies. 

Student and Staff wellbeing is a key aspect of our school culture. We pride ourselves on helping students achieve their very best in an enriching and safe environment. Students in high school have a Growth and Wellbeing lesson every week where students can discuss ongoing concerns or issues that they may be facing. Students also undertake activities such as discussions and interactive discussions that help them to unwind and refresh their mind before their next lesson. 


Counselling is a crucial part of our school where we focus on student wellbeing from a holistic approach. We believe that every student is different in their experiences and concerns and we aim to assist each student while keeping this in mind. We have fantastic counsellors at our campuses who are able to provide the much needed emotional, social and wellbeing support to the students. We often involve counsellors with students who may be on an ILP to help their growth and development along with their academic progress.

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